How might we facilitate streamlined and safer National Park experiences with the help of a conversational virtual assistant?

Interaction-driven Communication

We used a speculative design approach to reimagine National Park trip-planning and in-park experiences with the help of Conversational AI.

A 7-week, 4-designer project, designing for National Park visitors.
Thank you to NPS Harper’s Ferry Center.

Key Skills
Research, Strategy, Interactions, UX, Storytelling (Video), Project Management

— Hi, I’m Sam!

Meet Sam, the virtual assistant for National Park Service.

Sam helps people find everything that NPS has to offer.

Sam also helps people plan trips by guiding them with various tasks, such as choosing a park, planning activities, collaborating to prepare for the trip, reserving campgrounds, purchasing park passes, etc.
Sam's Four States
Brought to you by Team Sam
Hannah Koenig — Communication Designer
Anuprita Ranade — Mobile UX + UI Designer
Michelle Chou — Strategist, UX Designer, Video Production
Amanda Sánchez— Watch UX + UI Designer

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