Hi! I’m Michelle — I design to empower people for a better future.

I am always seeking new problem-solving approaches for escalating business and societal challenges. I reimagine the human experience.

PM turned Product Designer. 5 years in tech.
recent Interaction Design grad @ Carnegie Mellon.
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Enabling Peace of Mind by Making Planning a Part of Living

Despite the diversity of life — one universal fact of existence is that it ends.

How might we motivate and mobilize people to prepare for the unexpected?

Stanford Health Care MyHealth

Stanford Health Care

Manage Your Care with MyHealth

Helping patients stay on top of their care needs.

Streamlining the digital experience and redesigning for their burning issue — being locked out of MyHealth while experiencing hardship.

Sam for National Park Service

"Hi, I am Sam."

Conversational AI for National Park Experiences ⛰

Meet Sam — a multi-platform virtual assistant for National Park Service designed to provide safer, streamlined, and personalized visitor experiences.

Encounter for Carnegie Museum of Natural History


An Integrated Spacial Experience. Experiential Learning and Creation

Museums are facing the challenge of transitioning from rigid institutions to experiential spaces.

How might we make it more relevant and engaging for generations of today and tomorrow?


— People I worked with say —

Design Manager
“Working with Michelle was a great experience and I would love to work with her again. Her approach to solving challenging design problems within the health care space was thoughtful and patient centered. Michelle has all the right tools in place to succeed and bring any organization a strong design methodology and creative lens.”
Issac Villanueva
UX Design Manager, Stanford Health Care
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Design Peer
"Michelle was a joy to work with throughout the entire design process. She conducted robust and thorough research, thought critically and thoughtfully through every design decision, managed the project effortlessly from start to finish, and had an impeccable eye for attention to detail. I would welcome any opportunity to work with her again!"
Anna Boyle
Researcher and Designer, LifeKit
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"Michelle excels at owning high-level visions and developing effective strategies. She also gets her hands dirty in execution.

Michelle is always enthusiastic about learning from users and solving problems for them. She built proven track records with her product initiatives. She demonstrated excellence in communication, design, and product management."
Alex Chen
CEO and Co-founder, EZTABLE
Regional head
"Michelle's ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment has led to many successful projects. She efficiently leveraged resources to tailor our marketing efforts and effectively followed up.

Michelle also forged a partnership that had eluded many of our colleagues for years and was made only possible by her persistence, deep research, and strong relationship-building."
Edward Lee
Head of Data & Services for North Asia, Mastercard
(formerly APT)
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