My birth name stands for brightness; Chou, the surroundings.

My life mission is to brighten up the world around me, and design is my superpower. 🦸🏻

I am a research-driven product designer who creates user-centric designs that are inspired by people, for people.

I believe in collective strength to achieve ambitious visions, and I thrive when collaboratively impacting human experiences and the world through innovation.

Finding clarity in ambiguity excites me and dealing with complexity is my jam. 5 years at the intersection of design + product + business + customer success fuels my holistic approaches and unique perspectives.

I'm based in the San Francisco bay area, but originally hail from a mountainous island in the Pacific Ocean. Ocean and mountains are my happy places. Luckily the bay has both. 🌊⛰

Bryce Canyon, B.C. (before covid)

Now quarantining in the bay. 🌁
– Ask me for the best sushi in town!
I celebrate diversity and fight for inclusion.
I myself is a blend of Asian, Austronesian, and American cultures.

Currently sheltering-in-place in San Francisco. 🌁
(Ask me for the best sushi in town!)

My home office is well-setup;
Figma & Slack are my fav collab/design tools!