A Product Designer + Systems Thinker

I am a multifaceted designer with backgrounds in product management, go-to-market strategy, and customer success.

I found that the world needs a better design of how technology interacts with human to truly empower people and elevate the human experience; thus, I deep-dived into the design world.

I love pouring my heart into all things design, from high-level strategies to tiny details. I believe in a highly collaborative, insight-driven, and iterative approach that makes space for learning through making.

Having worked with C-level executives, I bring a holistic approach to problem solving and carefully examine how pieces of decision relate to each other and impact the larger system.

My birth name means brightness; Chou, the surroundings. My life mission is to brighten up the world around me, and design is my superpower. 🦸🏻

Based in the Bay Area. Ask me for the best sushi in town!

Design Experience

I'm designing LifeKit, a citizen tech project that motivates and mobilizes individuals to prepare for the unexpected.

I redesigned the patient access experience at Stanford Health Care to elevate patient confidence and well-being.

I also designed for making privacy choices easier for users to identify and exercise for California's privacy regulations at CMU CyLab.

In addition, I explored designing conversational AI, AR experiences, and design for education.

I am 5'4, not really THAT short. 😬

Product Experience

I was a Product Manager & Designer, and previously a CX Lead at EZTABLE, an Asia-leading dining lifestyle services start-up. I spearheaded product innovation and luckily had Dr. Clayton Christensen, our lead investor, as a mentor!

As a PM, I grew 15% MAU by leading strategic product partnerships and the referral program's redesign.

As a CX lead, I designed prototypes for internal tools and collaborated with the dev team to improve operational efficiency by 60%. My team also improved customer satisfaction rate by 50%.

I won Employee of the Year twice for my leadership and productivity. 🌟