Product Designer + Systems Thinker

Insight-driven Designer

I've designed for health care, education, privacy communication, and dining lifestyle services β€” there's always a why behind every design decision of mine, coming from a combination of research, analytics, and user and stakeholder feedback.

Multifaceted Professional

Before design grad school, I worked with CEO + VPs in tech to build 0-to-1 products and practices. Navigating ambiguity, collaborating across disciplines, and driving results with limited resources were what I do every day. I've won the Employee of the Year twice! πŸŒŸβ€

My birth name means brightness; Chou, the surroundings. My life mission is to brighten up the world around me, and design is my superpower. 🦸🏻

I'm sheltering-in-place in the Bay Area.
β€” Ask me for the best sushi in town! 🍣

Currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area; grew up on a mountainous pacific island. Oceans and mountains are my happy places. Luckily, the Bay has both.‍

Pre-quarantine Hobbies:
Road tripping to National Parks; sushi tasting across the Bay.

Quarantine Hobbies:
Drinking milk tea; feeding hummingbirds; decluttering constantly