A Product Designer + Systems Thinker

5 years in tech at the intersection of product, design, and business. Currently: Senior Product Designer at LinkedIn.

I found that the world needs a better design of how tech interacts with human to truly empower people and elevate the human experience. Thus, I deep-dived into the design world with a multidisciplinary background.

I love pouring my heart into all things design, from high-level strategies to tiny details. I believe in a highly collaborative, insight-driven, and iterative approach that makes space for learning through making.

Having worked with C-level executives, I bring a holistic approach to problem solving and carefully examine how pieces of decision relate to each other and impact the larger system.

My birth name means brightness; Chou, the surroundings. My life mission is to brighten up the world around me, and design is my superpower. 🦸🏻

Based in the Bay Area. Ask me for the best sushi in town!

Design Experience

Before LinkedIn, I have been designing LifeKit, a citizen tech project that motivates and mobilizes individuals to prepare for the unexpected.

I designed at Stanford Health Care to elevate patient confidence and well-being. I also designed for making privacy choices easier for users to identify and exercise, which is now part of California's law, at CMU CyLab.

During my time at Carnegie Mellon School of Design for graduate studies, I also designed for AI, AR/VR, education, museums, and addressing misinformation.

I am 5'4, not really THAT short. 😬

Product Experience

I was a Product Manager & Designer, and previously a CX Lead at EZTABLE, an Asia-leading dining lifestyle services start-up. I spearheaded product innovation and luckily had Dr. Clayton Christensen, our lead investor, as a mentor!

As PM, I grew 15% MAU by leading strategic product partnerships and the referral program's redesign.

As CX lead, I designed prototypes for internal tools and collaborated with the dev team to automate services. We improved customer satisfaction rate by 50% and operational efficiency by 60%.

I won Employee of the Year twice! 🌟