My birth name means brightness; Chou, the surroundings. My life mission is to brighten up the world around me, and design is my superpower. 🦸🏻

Based in the Bay Area. Ask me for the best sushi in town!

A Product Designer for Systems Change

I'm currently a Product Designer at LinkedIn, leading Sharing β€” empowering individuals to share their voices, build meaningful relationships, and achieve their goals through content creation.

With my 5+ years in tech at the intersection of product, design, and business, I bring a holistic approach to problem-solving for systems-level changes. I thrive translating insights into delicate design decisions.

I design to empower humanities, and I believe in a highly collaborative, insight-driven, and iterative approach that makes space for learning through making.

I am always seeking new problem-solving approaches for escalating challenges. Wanna join forces? I'm just a LinkedIn message away!