How might we keep the museum relevant and engaging for generations of today and near future?

Spacial + Digital + Analog
Interaction-driven Environment

Encounter is an interactive experience that makes museum relevant and engaging. It enables experiential learning within fun.
A 7-week, 5-designer project for Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Key Skills
Research, Strategy, Systems, Interactions, Storytelling (Video), Project Management

Encounter — an elevated interactive experience of Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Visitors will encounter nature, creatures, new dimensions, and new experiences during their stay.

Encounter empowers personalized explorations & multi-sensory interactions, enables playful experiential learning, sparks creativities, and makes museum takeaway part of daily life and social conversations.

Experience Journey
Encounter is for all the exhibits in Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Visitors have the freedom to explore exhibits of their interests and have a completely personalized Encounter experience.

A 5-phrase Experience
It starts with receiving AR glasses at arrival. Within each exhibit, immersive AR augmented the relationship between the visitor and the dioramas, and by engaging with multiple dioramas, visitors will curate their own personalized experiences. The individual learnings will be transformed and visualized into characterized creativity, delivered by print artifacts and interactive projection wall. The portable print artifacts are going home with the visitors, and serving as a re-entry point to re-engage with museum content by mobile AR.

Showcasing in the context of North American Wildlife
There are 19 habitat dioramas with 23 main animal specimens in display. Each diorama has an immersive and interactive experience to engage with, and they add up to a personalized, transformed surprising takeaway according to visitors’ choices.

Brought to you by the stellar team
Bhakti Shah — Character Illustration, Mobile UI + AR Prototype
Deepika Dixit — Physical Interaction, 3D + Audio Assets
Anuprita Ranade  — AR Glasses Interaction, Video Prototype
Michelle Chou — Strategy, Experience Design, Video, Project Management
Jisoo Shon — Brand Identity, 3D + Video Prototype

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